We offer a number of fitness programs that can be tailored to your personal objectives

Abs, Butt and Thighs

The name of this class says it all!  Your instructor’s primary focus is to tone your abs, butt and thighs while helping you shed those hard to lose pounds. The class will begin with a cardio warm-up followed by exercises that target these three muscle groups. A variety of equipment such as Pilates/bosu balls, free weights and flex bands may be used to ensure your body is continuously challenged during this workout.


The name of this class says it all and you should expect a high energy/cardio class which will make you sweat and burn off those unwanted calories. The trainer will take you through a variety of exercises that will help you increase your strength, balance, endurance and flexibility. Step out of your comfort zone and challenge your self today. We challenge beginners and advanced exercisers to experience Body Lines Bootcamp.

Full Body Circuit

This class is designed to work all the major muscle groups to ensure a great workout and burn as many calories as possible.  The class will begin with a cardio warm-up which will build to some plyometric movements such as squat jumps, ski jumps, long jumps and more.  The core of the workout will be done in stations which is set up by the instructor.  Every week the instructor will incorporate different pieces of equipment to add variety and keep you on your toes!  Some equipment that could be used in this class are free weights, balance bars, pilates cushions, bosu, kettle bells and more.  You don’t need to be an advanced exerciser to take this class however experience in fitness or sports past or present is recommended!


Pilates focuses on developing core muscle groups with the purpose of improving posture and to help keep the body balanced; these are two critical areas in providing support for the spine. In addition, Pilates promotes an awareness of how you breathe during exercise and also how to maintain the alignment of your spine with the aim of strengthening the deep torso muscles. Stretching, strengthening and stabilization are incorporated into each of the exercises. Attention to detail is the main focus of the Pilates method here at Body Lines. When the mind is connected to the body then one can move with grace, balance and most efficiently without thinking about it.

Pilates Circuit

Take your core to the next level with this exciting and challenging workout! This class will give you the opportunity to use a variety of equipment such as the foam roller, balance cushions, stability balls, toning balls, bands, and the “popular” Reformer and Cadillac that is typically restricted to private sessions at other studios.

Weights, Bosu's & more

This class from start to finish is sure to give you a great workout and keep you on your toes as the equipment used is always changing! The class begins with a cardio warm up which leads into circuit training with equipment such as free weights, bosu’s, medicine balls and flex bands (to name a few). This type of training will definitely add a challenge to your regular workout routine! For instance, taking a popular “plank” exercise and doing it on a bosu, creates a different challenge. Although this class is intended to add variety to your workout routine, beginners are still welcome and encouraged. There are modifications and advancements to every exercise. This class will finish with a assisted stretching component leaving you feeling refreshed and ready for your next workout!

Our trainers will motivate you and get you to your goals.  

Body Lines offers a variety of fitness classes and private training times available 6 days a week in addition to:
  • Small class sizes.
  • Clean, friendly and motivating atmosphere
  • Excellent prices
  • Private training and private Pilates
  • Experienced and qualified trainers